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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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Chapter 1:
-Elegance, Treachery, Innocence and Apathy
Alcheir remained stationary, letting time pass bye as he collected his thoughts, then something occurred to him. He was in a room where the name of every noble pony in all of Equestria's history was listed. What if he saw a name that looked familiar?

Immediately, Alcheir started scanning the parts of the shadows and the trees which he could see. The names were all unfamiliar, the odd tones, rhymes and hallows which echoed in his mind as he read them all one by one remained unmemorable. He wasn't very hopeful that he would find anything which would result in a memory in this room, so he wasn't too keen on searching further.

Nevertheless, he was curios to see who he could find. Maybe if he read all the names, he'd get a memory of being in this room again in the future. Then again, magic energy was literally everywhere in the room, and thus he doubted he'd be able to leave without bringing some of it with him. Maybe the portion he would unwillingly gather would contain a memory?

Alcheir couldn't stop thinking about this topic. It was really, really annoying to stand motionless. Still, if it meant avoiding the suspicion of the arrogant mare, he'd stand still forever. Theoretically speaking, of course.

~...I just wonder what would happen if I touched a rune...~ Alcheir thought, frowning at the floating piece of rock the arrogant mare was floating on. It undoubtedly contained a ton of magic energy, but he still wondered what would happen. As he thought, the ponies started speaking again.

Alcheir ignored their speech, not at all curious as to precisely what they had to say. He was focused on avoiding suspicion and sticking along for the ride. There wasn't much to think about after hearing the echos of Thunderclap's and the arrogant mare's voices traveling around the room.

(OOC : (...I'm going to say wrap up this scene, dontpressenter, because it's trapping us in a circumstance where nothing's happening. Unless there's a point to keeping us in the room, as in you have a plan for some sub-plot to trap us there forever or elsewise, please just finish it up so we can move on...))
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