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 [AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker

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Fantasy Flicker

Fantasy Flicker

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PostSubject: [AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker   [AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2016 9:28 pm

[AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker Y1Slzu9
[AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker Bt8lxRt
DISCLAIMER: AU PONY. Not intended for use within normal MLP-verse. Only intended to be used in AUs.
Gender: Male
Species: Ghostpony (Former Earth Pony)
Mane: Short and very wavy, borderline curly, very light cream colour. Has a single thick orange line with a thin brown line inside of it. (used to be a tad shorter and completely brown)
Tail: NaN (Used to be same as mane, before he lost his body.)
Eyes: NaN, Creates Fake eyes with magic to appear more likable.
Body: In Ghostliness, he has no body. his usual 'appearance' is very short, and of average build. Has an off-white colouration veering to yellow. (Back when he was alive, he was an average sized earth pony  with a brighter yellow coat.)
Cutie Mark: A magical swirl encasing three yellow magical sparkles.
Age (Baby, adult): 20 years, No longer ages though. (Became late teen before losing body)


Fantasy Flicker is a surprisingly happy pony... ghost.... Consciousness. He's mostly lazy although there's nothing he loves more than the thrill of the moment. In the end though, he means well and wants to make people happy. He has a deep love for and greatly values communication, and believes proper and honest communication is key to every relationship, from friendship, to family, to marriage. He might come off crass or blunt at times, because he’s very honest and to the point. He has an especially large disregard for traditions and for other people’s feelings cause he prefers to say things he thinks is practical or will make people feel better/be stronger on the long term. Thusly, he’s rather willingly crass.
He also has a personal belief of neutrality, although he will not enforce this on others.

He has a somewhat short attention span and has a hard time being determined and working hard unless something is forcing him too. He prefers to spend his time goofing off and amusing himself, even if deadlines are approaching (usually not an issue since he's a ghost).

Out of all the things, he does his best to value the simpler things in life. a hug can go a mile for him, and he can still somehow taste food (although it kinda just wilts and falls to the ground instead of him actually eating it) and he loves food! On the same side, he dislikes simple things going wrong, as little as spilling a glass of water can frustrate him greatly and make him want to cry. He somehow is a lot more durable against big things going wrong (Like say, losing your body and becoming a ghost without a face).

He -loves- magic deeply and loves using it and learning to cast new spells. Because of this, he has a longer endurance for casting spells, and will gladly cast them or help others learn to cast them.

Fantasy Flicker takes "not being there due to being a ghost" to the next level. In reality, he has no shape nor senses. He is basically a floating ball of magic. He can create a body with an illusion spell and can sense the surroundings with sensing spells. (Casting these spells does tire him slightly). Even speech and lifting things up with an illusion are spells as well. The more tired he is, the less likely it is for you to see him, and the weaker his senses become. When faced with counter magic, Fantasy can be completely shut down.

Likes: food, magic, communication, helping people, daydreaming (Used to do it more, now spends more time on magic), silly pranks, acting smart, discussing anything, ‘useful’ conflict the truth, long term thinking, philosophy, sciences, wet/humid places.
Dislikes: Small mistakes, subjects he doesn’t know much about, overly kind people who avoid all conflict, ignorant people (He makes an effort to let them be, though, since he’s building up an opinion of neutrality), Grim or scary things.

History (He’s only going to see use in AUs, so likely his backstory is mutable):

Fantasy Flicker was born to a unicorn and an earth pony in Vanhoover. Despite being an Earth pony, he never was very strong or connected with the nature, and preferred to hand around shores and beaches. Growing up, he was smart enough, a bit slow at the beginning, but eventually picking it up at later schools. When he tried applying for magic classes but he wasn’t allowed because he wasn’t a unicorn, he was outraged. He ended up doing a presentation on magic & magical uses in history in a language class, during which he’d earn his cutie mark. Magic trapped in a swirl.

He’d later on travel as much as he could, eventually traveling into a suspicious murky swamp, he enjoyed the humid atmosphere there. Deep in the swamp, he’d encounter a magical object within a hut. open observing the object, he came to believe it could fulfill his dreams. That item was a book of magical spells and potions, potions that anypony could create. However, the spells were odd too, the book claimed that even an earth pony could cast these spells. Interested, Fantasy Flicker went through the pages, finding a spell that offered him magic. He executed it, and found himself summoning a spectre which would offer him magic in exchange for everything he never wanted anyway. Fantasy, knowing this was dark magic and the deal would be dangerous, accepted it all the same.

There only a very few things that remained, Fantasy’s consciousness and emotions remained, but his ability to express himself did not, losing himself his face. His physical existence never meant much to him, as such, His body was completely lost. as only a magic presence, Fantasy fell apart on the spot, and his body went to the spectre who slowly took over it. However, Fantasy’s talent in magic shined through, allowing him to assemble a spectral body with his newly attained magic, the deal has still been met, after all. With his newfound magic and a rage at someone taking his body and identity, he cast a mighty spell, Encasing his old body within the book of dark magic. The seal did not preserve the body, meaning this powerful spell had let Fantasy cheat the spectre out of the deal. However, Fantasy had lost so much. He remains optimistic and has learned how to create his own body and live… er, exist as a ghost pony.

1. A foal has lost its mother and is sobbing inconsolably in the street . Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Fantasy Flicker observed her as she cried on the street. It was late and dangerous to be out. Especially with how Equestria’s been recently. He truly wanted to help her and show her kindness, but he knew that would make her complacent. And nowdays, that just didn’t cut it. You needed to be strong to survive in this post-apocalyptic Equestria. Fantasy just couldn’t risk making life harder for her.

The young foal, yellow in coat and lavender in hair, looked up in the alleyway as something came out. Slowly, an apparition appeared, with no face. It scared and confused her, but it’s claws made her run. Ghastly somewhat blue claws, large and pointy stuck out to her. She ran for her life, but the apparition followed. It turned to her side and suddenly made a ghastly howl, causing her to turn into a new street. It was then Fantasy Flicker’s worries came true. An actual enemy stood there, in her way. He’d have to clear the path for her, and some how frighten her to go that way at the same time.

He whipped up a plan as quickly as he could, and kept his face nonexistent to max out the scare factor and to catch the problem off-guard. He used his telekinesis to pelt projectiles into the road, scaring her away but purposefully missing her, steering some to turn to hit the dangerous figure. Flicker unleashed a final burst of telekinesis to raise the stones by his foe’s feet, striking him directly from below. The foal rushed on and Flicker followed. She made it… to the safe settlement within this ruined town. She found comfort of other survivors. Fantasy floated to a nearby ruined home, carefully looking through a ruined doorway.

A voice sounded behind him. You know… if you joined us and used their powers to help we could leave this place. The faceless apparition turned around, two eyes of magic appearing over where his real eyes should be.… I don’t believe it is better anywhere else. I think here, protecting them without letting them become complacent, is my best bit. Let them get hurt and wounded, but never down and out. Make their souls resilient, but keep their spirits high. Don’t tell anyone. A magical thrumming returned to the voice. And… thanks for being my friend while I need to scare off everyone else. Fantasy flicker used his magic to say, thanking his only friend in these dastardly times. He vanished, having to scout the town again. He spent most of the time doing it, it helped not needing to eat or sleep. He hadn’t been doing this for very long. And he hoped he wouldn’t have to do it forever. Immortal or not, he was going to be very tired of it, very soon. But it wasn’t looking like anything in Equestria was going to look better, anytime soon.

This is his unicorn guise. how he will make himself look to not scare people. it's very short.
[AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker OOFvCYp
His eyes and mouth tend to become transparent every few seconds, before slowly becoming completely opaque again.

This is how he looked like back when he was alive. that was a long time ago.
[AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker KdZhLNd

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PostSubject: Re: [AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker   [AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 19, 2016 10:29 pm


Approved for AU use.

Click links for character information:

~ Smith Wesson ~

~ Aero Dynamic ~
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[AU ONLY!] Fantasy Flicker
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