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 Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry)

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PostSubject: Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry)   Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 30, 2016 4:20 pm

The Blue Rose Cafe,a popular place for customers both young and old,some say its the homey atmosphere it offers,others say its the food that gives a warming feeling in the belly,even on the coldest days. But for the few long time regulars many would say it was the owner that the cafe its popularity. A kind but soft spoken pegasus named Willow Wisp,or just Willow as he prefers to be called. When it came to ponies Willow was different in many ways,he was rather generous for one thing,often giving away any extra money he had to charities,only keep enough to keep the cafe stocked and to pay the bills.

But besides his generosity and a few other strange quirks he has there is one thing as a pegasus that makes him stand out above all others. Willow in fact doesn't have wings. When born his natral wings were deformed and the blood flow to them was restricted. As such the doctors were forced to remove them leaving the places they should of been a mapping of scars,something he had taken to hiding under a vest. For years he was know as "The Earth Pony of Cloudsdale" and it had only by chance that he got the prosthetic wings he has today.

So here he was wearing such wings folded to his sides as he made his way down from the flat above his cafe and out into the brisk fall morning,around this time of year when the nights became longer and the sun came up a bit later Willow enjoyed looking up to see Luna's stars mixing with the first signs Celestia's pink sunrise. There was a reason he was awake so early,Willow had always held pride in the things he served at his cafe and as such not only bought just about everything locally but tended to the buying himself. So hitching himself up to a cart he started his walk down the still mostly empty marketplace hoping he would get a good deal or two today.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry)   Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry) I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 30, 2016 4:41 pm

Fry just drove his wagon out of the garage next to his house, carrying a bag of buns and a thermo box with food he walked into his caravan like food cart and turned on the grill. It was pretty cold outside as winter was coming soon Fry saw this as a good opportunity to sell warm food to the freezing ponies on the marketplace. He hummed a bit as he put on his cooking hat and looked around the marketplace while his grill warmed up.

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Two Sides Of The Same Coin (Fry)
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