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My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic OC RP

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PostSubject: Atalanta   Atalanta I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 06, 2017 2:32 am

Atalanta Atalanta_v_2_by_bellielovellie-dbswh33

As of now, Atalanta is a filly, about twelve in human years.
Atalanta is a proud female.
As the feathery wings on her back may lead one to believe, Atalanta is a pegasus.


Mane & Tail:
Atalanta's mane is wildly curly and thick, and her tail would be too if she didn't keep it cut short. Both a dark teal color, they're often tangled, and it will take a lot of convincing to get her to brush them.
A dark but vivid magenta, Atalanta's eyes are large and round, framed by dark eyelashes.
Tall and spindly for her age, Atalanta has long, willowy limbs and an overall scrawny physique.
Cutie Mark:
Atalanta doesn't have her cutie mark yet.


Atalanta is the exact opposite of what anyone wanted her to be, and she prides herself on the fact. With a short temper and a sharp tongue, she always has a few snappy insults tucked up her sleeve and is very sassy, not to mention extremely independent and defiant. Tell her to do something, and her first reaction will be to do the polar opposite. She lacks any form of tact and is bitter as a sort of self-defense mechanism, very headstrong and stubborn. Though not exceptionally bright, she's far from dumb and is quick-witted and resourceful, coming with unlikely solutions to every problem she's presented with, solutions that often depend on athleticism and luck rather than logic and strategy. Though gruff, she's also roguishly charming, what with her cheeky and tough demeanor. Stealthy and manipulative when she wants to be, she's got magnificent skill when it comes to weaving together half-truths and falsehoods to create a believable story. Though she could definitely be described as ruthless, willing to do whatever is necessary to get what she wants or protect someone she loves, she's also loyal to a fault and, to some degree, noble. She'd throw herself in front of an arrow before she let someone she cared for, of which there are currently none, be hurt. Beneath the flippant and defensive exterior, Atalanta is actually a very anxious, playful child who just wants someone to take care of her and play with her, but she learned the hard way that she'd have to toughen up to handle the real world, so she did.
Interestingly enough, Atalanta actually enjoys fighting. Now, she doesn't enjoy constantly needing to defend herself or fight for survival, but she enjoys casually sparing, when the stakes aren't high and she's fighting for fun rather than entertainment. She also likes flowers and gardening more than she cares to admit, and has a major sweet tooth.
Atalanta has a crippling fear of thunderstorms, probably a result of her mother unintentionally unlocking her outside of their cottage during a storm when she was six years old. She also gets anxious around water, since she never learned to swim, and hates hot weather--an unfortunate combination, since she can't swim to cool off like most ponies can.
Born to Primrose, a humble earth pony with an affinity for gardening, and Aerostorm, a bold weather pegasus, Atalanta was raised under the care of her absent-minded mother. Aerostorm and Primrose had never been in an official relationship, and as a more high class pegasus with a busy job in Manehatten, Aerostorm remained oblivious to his daughter's existence because he never visited Primrose again after their brief fling while he was in Ponyville. Primrose more than made up for Aerostorm's absence in the love department, but was hardly a suitable mother, very distant, breezy, and forgetful. Far from a suitable mother, Atalanta has many conflicted feelings towards her hippy-dippy ditz of a mom, and ultimately decided she was better off without her, fleeing from their home in the White Tail Woods to live in Manehatten, where she hoped to find her father. Thus, she began her life as a street mouse in the Slums of Manehatten.
Example RP segment:
"What're you looking at?!" the colt snarled, and Atalanta puffed up like a defensive bird, gaze flickering between the colt and the filly he'd been taunting in a back alley street of Manehatten.

"I'm looking at a sorry excuse for a colt who thinks picking on a little filly half is size is okay!" Atalanta snapped back, stomping over to stand between them, "And I'd suggest said sorry colt scram quick, before someone decides to teach him some proper manners."

"Is that a threat?"

Let it never be said that Atalanta was a valiant filly. She was a sneaky little troublemaker, a thief with a tongue as sharp as a blade and a fire beneath her skin. She'd fight for no one but herself. A grin formed on her face, and she lowered herself into a defensive stance. Fortunately for the poor filly she was protecting, Atalanta enjoyed fighting for herself very much.

"Actually, it's a promise."

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PostSubject: Re: Atalanta   Atalanta I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 07, 2017 4:34 pm

Looks decent enough, and you're supposed to use our character app format, but it's a pass.

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