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 City of Trottingham

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City of Trottingham Empty
PostSubject: City of Trottingham   City of Trottingham I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2012 6:22 am

He entered the city of Trottingham with a grin as a cycling pony flew by. The city was a interesting sight to see. He was excited to see what differences it had to other places he had been before. What was this town was like compared to Ponyville or a huge city like Canterlot?

He walked around the town, chatting up as many ponies as he could for a little over three hours. This is what he gathered about it so far. It was a town on the other side of the forest that was near Stalliongrad. Whilst the City of Tottingham has a historically tightly drawn boundary, which accounts for its relatively small population of 8,700 Ponies lived there. They claim this was the area where Rapid Hoof did his raids on the rich greedy griffons to give to the poor farmers of the area. This city has obtained worldwide recognition for its lace-making and bicycle industries. They are known to buy from only a few other ponies in the country because very few stand close to there level of lace work. A popular tourist attraction is the River Leaf, which in fall carries all the leaf down the river. It is a beautiful sight to see in the fall and Stormy had no intention of missing it.

He had also learned that trains had been newly opened which means when Stormy was to leave the city he wouldn't have to walk to the next town. Also Because of this new train the city seems to be doing better then ever. Trottingham's low-lying fields and market gardens were rapidly transformed into cheap housing for the lower middle and working classes, who were able to commute cheaply to inner Stalliongrad to work.

Stormy was excited to visit Lace Market, The Cave which was a popular pub in the area, he also wanted to take a tours to various companies. Trottingham was home to the headquarters of many well-known companies. For example: Boots On Hoofs or BOH for short, Mane Hat which was the main hat maker for this part of the region, numerous designer shops, and is the home of the original Colt Smith boutique. There are also various side streets and alleys that hide some interesting and often overlooked buildings and shops – streets such as Porridge Walk, West End Arcane and Hurts Yard. These are home to many specialist shops, as is Derdy Road, near the Cantedral and once the antiques area but now home to some the city's most interesting independent shops.

He decided to first visit the river to take the steamboat ride down it. He walked down 'mane' street to the line to buy a ticket.

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City of Trottingham
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