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Top Story

Top Story is a brown unicorn with pincers glasses and a brown suit with a red tie. The jacket of his suit is always open and he has a white shirt under it. The red tie tends to dangle freely off his body when he is walking. He also wears a brown fedora with a black strip around it.

Gender: stallion

Species: unicorn

Mane: black

Tail: black

Eyes: green

Body: shortish and slightly fat

Cutie Mark: Top Story’s cutie mark is a magnifying glass with a green triangle in it, symbolizing his specialty in investigative journalism. The green triangle symbolizes his desire to expose secret societies in Equestria.

Age (Baby,adult): young adult

Personality: Top Story is highly persistent. Once he sets his mind to something, he pursues until something more interesting comes up. He once pursued a Pegasus because he was convinced he was a member of a secret society in Equestria, which turned out to be a disappointment as it was just a meetup to play Ogres and Oubliettes. He is still annoyed over the embarrassment he had when he barged in accusing them of cult activity. While being prone to making hasty decisions that usually involve gold metal levels of mental gymnastics, he still means well and will apologize for his accusations. Throughout multiple humiliating experiences, Top Story has never lost his spirit at any point. He always has a smile on his face, save for when he is making his usual accusations.

Likes: reading, history, iced coffee

Dislikes: Ogres and Oubliettes, larping

History: When Top Story was a colt, he lived in Trottingham. His dad was a journalist
which is what got him interested in journalism. He enthusiastically joined the school newspaper as a journalist. When he started his job as a journalist, he struggled for a story to write, and read some books and in one, he found out about several secret societies that have existed in Equestrian history such as Templars and their vast wealth and the Illuminati and their incredible power over queens and kings. Images danced in his head of him bursting through large doors as he uncovered and exposed these conspirators and they were led away in chains by the Royal Guard as he published the story of the year. He could already imagine the novels that would be written about his daring adventures to find these secret societies. With the fantasies, he wondered if these societies even actually existed. He thought he had his answer when he heard stories around school about a club that practiced dark magic and met after school. He spent days obsessing over finding this club. He followed a yellow Pegasus after school to a clubhouse nearby. He saw the pegasus do a three knocks in a certain order before being let in by a clocked pony. At that moment, he knew he had his answer and charged the front door, only to learn that it was a larping group. At that moment, he froze as he became embarrassed and apologized for interrupting and left grumbling. However, that day he vowed that he was going to find a real secret society in Equestria no matter what. This is where he gained his cutie mark, and he now works at the Trottingham Times, a newspaper company where he works as a journalist like he did in school.

Example RP segment: It is pouring rain outside. Your OC spots the light of a tavern up ahead. The tavern is filled with ponies that your OC doesn't know. Given your OC’s personality, compose a brief narrative in which your OC identifies and addresses the situation.

Top Story wandered aimlessly throughout the streets of Trottingham. His hat was now damp and hung over his eyes. His hat was hanging low over his head damp from the rain. He was grumbling to himself. He had just gotten out of the studio printing out his latest story in the newspaper. Even though his story, an interview with the mayor about the new plans to refund the theatre business, he felt rough about it because it was not the story he really wanted to write. He sat there with the old stallion mayor hour what felt like hours. He nearly fell asleep listening to the old stallion. He wished he had a lead on, who knows, the Illuminati or Templars or something! Suddenly, his eyes lighted up as he realized something. The mayor had a most peculiar painting on the wall of Equestria’s founders around the fire that kept them warm that night the blizzard hit. It appeared to be an original painting judging by how faded it was. During the interview, the mayor had received a letter that he seemed visibly startled by and he glanced at the painting after reading the letter. Maybe he was part of the Illuminati and they were hunting for some kind of treasure and the faded painting hid a map inside it! Top Story made a note to investigate that sometime. Right now, he just needed to get out of the rain. He looked ahead and saw what looked like a small tavern up ahead with a sign that said “The Zesty Grape.” He felt relieved that he could finally get out of the rain. His suit was beginning to fade.

As he walked in, he noticed an empty booth and took a seat, taking his jacket off and set it to the side and took his hat off and set it on the table. He put his head on the table and rubbed his eyes. He looked around the room he was in. The tavern seemed to have a more country motif to it. The walls were red and wooden and antlers decorated the walls. The other ponies in the tavern were all in rather large hats. This must be were all the tourists go, Top Story thought to himself. A waitress approached him and said “Well hi there. What can I gecha?” in an excited tone. Top Story was a bit startled by this. “Um, coffee, please.” Top Story said to her as she seemingly pranced her way back to the kitchen and brought him his coffee. He sniffed the drink first just to make sure there was no poison in it. From the look of the crowd, there must have been something in the drinks. Every one of them looked as if they were just begging for a fight, whether that would be shoving each other of just yelling. Top Story took a drink of his coffee and felt himself getting warmer than he had been. He had been out in the rain long enough to forget how cold he was. He then noticed to the side that there was a rather strange group of ponies in costumes conversing and with cases. They were talking with the waitress and were handed a couple of drinks. Top Story could not exactly hear what they were saying, but he heard something about a meeting. His face suddenly lighted up. He saw a fight suddenly break out between two stallions. The two fought until one of them was knocked out. The winner went over to the group and took a seat. Then, they all left. Top Story wondered what kind of meeting they were talking about, so he threw on his jacket and hat and followed behind. He followed them to a house down the road, hiding behind every corner and bench he could find. They all went in and Top Story knew he had what he wanted. There was something going on in there and he was going to expose them. He charged the front door and tackled the door to the ground. Before he did, he heard something loud coming from the other side. “Hey, what the…” one of the ponies tried to yell before Top Story interrupted. “Aha!” Top Story declared. “Now I’ve got you!” he started before he realized something. They all had musical instruments. Top Story still had his hoof in the air and mouth open, but was not saying anything. “Um, cult activity?” Top Story asked. “No!” yelled the pony back. “We’re a rock band. Now, get out!” Top Story held his head low and said “Sorry about that.” As he walked away. Alright, so that was a bust, but not to worry. Top Story held his head high and thought to himself that he may have had a failure this time, but the next time would be a success. He just knew it. Now, about that mayor…

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PostSubject: Re: Top Story   Top Story I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 06, 2017 8:50 pm

Welcome to the site :)

That is a lovely and lengthy app you've got there.

I can say that your character has been approved.

Click links for character information:

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Whoa, a journalist! He and Carpe Diem could become good friends.

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Top Story
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