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 Blue Steel

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PostSubject: Blue Steel    Blue Steel  I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 9:34 pm

Blue Steel
Blue Steel  Detect12

Species:Earth Pony

Mane:Brown, Short, Spiked forward

Tail:Brown, Short cut.


Body:Tall. Small build

Cutie Mark:Blue shield


Personality: Steel enjoys a good laugh, but when he works; he's a whole different Stallion. While on duty Steel takes upon a very serious attitude, only to ensure the safety of other ponies. While he may show a strong side, he can be quite shy. Not so much of talker, he'll give you short, simple answers. While not on patrol and with friends, you'd never know it was him. With a witty, kind, giving personality, he makes an ideal friend.

Likes: Helping out citizens, Working on mysteries

Dislikes: Crime, bad ponies.

History: Born in Manehatten, Steel always stood out. He never adored the luxury life, Manehatten had to offer. Steel's father was apart of The Manehatten Detective Unit, a job most ponies would turn down. All ways well. Steel was a smart colt, and exceeded in his studies, athletics were not his strong suite at the time. Picked on for being a "Nerd" for doing too well. Years go by and Steel graduates in the top 10% of his class. His father recommends that with such intelligence, it doesn't go to waste. What his father meant was to join the Detective unit, now that he was retired. Steel had taken these words to heart, and did so. After completing 2 years of Detective school, Steel was ready. He was ready to make the world a safer place.

Example RP segment 5: An average spring day in Manehatten. Very cool weather, with a slight breeze made it an ideal day to spend it outside. Steel was just finished with class, and headed home. He took a shortcut in the alley to avoid the colts that have been picking on him for some time. Heading home with a brisk pace, something felt off. A noise distracted him as he ran into a wall. After regaining a sense of what happened, he still heard that awful noise, more so... a whimper. With cautious steps, Steel continued to wander the alleys to find just where the noise emitted from. A colt in the distance caught his eye, in the direction the whimper was coming from too. Rushing towards the sound, he could start to see what was happening.
A colt grabbing a filly by the hoof bullying her. The aggravated colt could see Steel out the corner of his eye. Quickly he snapped at him "What are you looking at?!" Flustered with so many mixed feelings, Steel managed to cough up something. "You ought to really pick on someone your own size." The colt dropped the filly allowing her to escape, and headed straight for Steel. Steel was backing up until he reached a wall. The colt raised a hoof and was about to punch Steel but a much larger figure stood behind the colt.
"That's him, that's the colt who beat me up!" It was the young filly and her much older brother. The filly's older brother picked up the colt and threw him off of Steel. "Go on, Scram!" The colt ran away fast as his little body could go. The brother picked up Steel and dusted him off. "You all right champ? My little sis' here got me after you saved her." Asked the brother.
"Yeah I'm alright, just a little scuffed up. If anypony is to thank it should be you."
"No way champ, I shouldn't have let my sis' wander off like that. If it weren't for you who knows what could have happened... Hey, that's a cool looking Cutie Mark, how'd you get it?" A cutie mark? Steel was always a blank flank, he never had one. Steel looked at his flank, and there it was. It was a blue shield. "I...I don't know... I never had one." Steel stated. "It must have happened when I saved your sister."
"Well how 'bout that, huh? Come on, let me go get you a milkshake. You deserve it." Steel smiled, and gathered his things. The three went off to enjoy a some laughs and a victory well earned...
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Blue Steel
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