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PostSubject: Tiger-Lily   Tiger-Lily I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 01, 2013 11:09 pm

Tiger-Lily Ponywithbackgroundrosebud_by_fillyshy11-d5wn8la
Gender: Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Mane: Light pink, with a slightly darker shade of pink Lily likes to refer to as 'rose pink.' Her mane has a slight curl to it, and is a bit long.
Tail: Her tail has the same colors as her mane, and has a more pronounced curl
Eyes: Rose pink
Body: Lily is a bit taller than most ponies her age, and has a slim body and legs. She has a white pelt.
Cutie Mark: A water lily, symbolizing her love for plants.
Age (Baby,adult): Young adult (20 in human years)
Personality: Tiger-Lily is an elegant mare, who also has a heart of gold. She is very neat, and gets easily annoyed by untidy houses. She also has a green-hoof and loves to plant. Lily is, how most would put it, 'girlie' and can be a bit squeamish about things like bugs. She, however, has no problem with mud, seeing as she needs to touch it to garden. She is also very intelligent, and is good with foals.
Likes: Flowers, sunshine, friendly ponies, books, peace and quiet, curling up in her parlor with a good book (Most often themed around flowers)
Dislikes: Storms, loud noises, greedy ponies, rude ponies, the dark, bugs
Tiger-Lily grew up in Manehattan, being in one of the higher class families. Her mother was a major fashion designer, and her father was the owner of a chain of big businesses. So, all in all, Lily was never too close to her parents, who never had time for their daughter. Lily instead bonded with her nanny, who raised her to be the affectionate and loving mare that she is. In a way, it is almost fortunate that Tiger-Lily's parents didn't have much time for her, because otherwise she would have been raised spoiled and snobby. Lily soon discovered the joy she took in gardening. So many flowers, so many different colors! And she could grow them all! As Tiger-Lily grew older she began a small business in the Manehattan market district, making bouquets and selling them, and occasionally making a perfume out of her flowers. Yes, she enjoyed selling her beautiful bouquets, but to her the funnest part was growing them. And so she got her cutie mark, a water lily to represent her love for flowers. Soon her small business blossomed, and more and more ponies came to buy bouquets from her. Ponies also began paying her to have their weddings in her garden. Soon, Lily moved out her parents house and got her own place. It was a very grand house, with a large yard. Perfect for a garden. On occasion she visits both Ponyville and Trottingham, finding Ponyville a nice place to relax and take a break, and Trottingham a good town for her business. Her nanny and her are still very close, and her nanny now serves her as a maid. But she refuses to take any money from Lily because Lily is letting her stay in the house with her.

Example RP segment:
Tiger-Lily hummed as she strolled down the street, a basket on her side instead of a saddlebag, filled with beautiful flowers. Tiger-Lily's humming came to an abrupt stop as a sound pierced her ears, blasting through the light chatter around her. Tiger-Lily followed the sound until she saw a young colt bawling on the sidewalk, walking back and fourth in hysterics. Every pony that passed turned up their snouts at him. How rude!, Tiger-Lily thought angrily, and slowly approached the young colt.
"Hello, love." She whispered gently, crouching to his height. The young colt hiccuped from it's hysterical crying, and looking up at her. "What's wrong, dear?" She said in the same soft tone, looking at the colt with kind eyes.
"I-I can't find my mommy!" The colt wailed "S-She was walking right ahead of me, a-and I stopped to look through the window and she was g-gone!" Tiger-Lily soothingly stroked to colt's mane.
"Sh, sh, sh. It's alright, sweetie, I'll help you find her, alright?" Lily said sweetly, nudging the colt to it's feet and walking beside him. "What does your mommy look like?"
"S-She has a light blue mane, a-and it's curly, and she has pink eyes and light p-purple fur." The colt stammered, still sniffling.
"And what were you guys doing out on the town?" Lily asked, looking down at the colt with a friendly smile.
"W-We were going to the sweet shop, to buy daddy a cupcake. He's coming home today." The colt replied, slowly beginning to calm down. Tiger-Lily grinned at him happily.
"Really? Where's he coming from?" She asked as she subtly led him down the street that led to the candy store.
"Canterlot. H-He's one of the princess's guards." The colt sniffled, wiping its snout.
"That's so cool!" Tiger-Lily replied, finally getting a small smile out of the colt. She led him into the sweet shop, where he quickly spotted his mother and ran over. Tiger-Lily smiled and waved to him, and he waved back happily, cuddling up to his mother. Then Tiger-Lily turned and left, back on the route to her home.


Hope it's okay that I made a second one so soon after making my first one...
Also I got the idea for the looks from Fireseeker's 'Rosette Allure'
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PostSubject: Re: Tiger-Lily   Tiger-Lily I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 01, 2013 11:41 pm

Approved ^.^ As long as you use your OCs, then there should be no problem.
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